Fences are a staple of the rural landscape, but even a well-constructed fence can develop problems. If you’re seeing issues with your fence, it may be time to hire a professional to fix them. Here are three common problems you should watch out for as they may warrant repairs:

Fence Posts Bending

The most common reason a fence post will bend is due to it being too long, and the top of the post rests on soil that’s not solid. This happens when you have loose soil or insufficient support under your posts. Another reason could be that the post has been left un-supported for some time, which causes the wood to rot away and eventually break apart.
Once you’ve determined why your fence posts are bowing, try these steps to fix them:
● Remove any bent pieces from your original installation
● Dig out existing holes until they’re deep enough so no part of them rests on soft ground
● If needed, add more stakes for posts to stand straight

Missing or Broken Boards

Missing or broken boards can be dangerous to children, pets and people. The gaps created by missing boards allow small animals to squeeze through the fence and into your yard. Broken boards can be just as dangerous because they are more likely to splinter and cause injury.
If you have a fence with missing or broken boards, it’s important to take care of the problem immediately. You don’t want anyone getting hurt on your property! If you cannot repair the damaged part of your fence yourself, call in an expert in fencing repairs with many years of experience fixing fences like yours.

Rotted Posts

Sometimes, a fence post can rot from the bottom up. This is usually caused by termites, though it can also be caused by woodpeckers pecking away at the base of a post. In this scenario, you’ll need to replace the entire post with a new one.
If your fence posts are rotting from the top down, this could be due to poor drainage or other environmental factors. If that’s the case, consider treating them with chemicals or painting them to increase their lifespan and prevent future damage.
Every fence has unique characteristics, but the three most common problems are bending posts, rotting posts and missing or broken boards. These issues can be fixed with a little elbow grease and some new materials—but remember to always wear proper safety equipment when working on your fence! If you have any questions about repairing your fencing, feel free to contact us.