In a province like Ontario where rough winters rule for months, the deck in your home becomes invisible to the eyes nearly half the year. But make no mistake! Your deck has a big role to play in value-adding to home-aesthetics and enhancing your lifestyle.

Decks give you the advantage of a beautiful view, giving your home a certain depth. But unlike concrete or brick patios, wood decks need annual maintenance to preserve its beauty. If your deck goes neglected in the summer months, it can become a health hazard for all members of your family, even cause structural damage to your home. This includes small issues that you may consider unimportant. An old, weathered deck will never last you long. It’s a good idea to consider a new one to refresh aesthetics and enhance the safety of your home. How do you know you need a new deck? Let the experts at TorOnCa shed more light on the matter.


  • Rotting Posts: Old decks tend to sit directly on the pillars that hold them up. As a result, they are prone to soaking up water that settles on the ground after a rainfall. This can make them rot and lose strength with time. Rotting posts cannot hold up the weight of the deck after a point. The smallest water leakage through the soft, rotting wood or slight leak in the ledger board can come in the way of safety. Soft rotting wood can fall off and topple over the entire deck. Can you afford to risk accidents and injury to your family members and friends? Replacement is not an option in such cases. You need a new deck.


  • Weak Railings: Lean over and hold your railings for support. Do they creak, wobble or give way? If you’ve toppled over the railings while doing so, you know you should have changed the railings long back. If they creak, consider yourself lucky! Much as you try ramming them back into place with a hammer and nails, in all probability, they won’t hold up for too long. It’s a good idea to upgrade your deck before it collapses and takes you down with it.


  • Loose Boards: A ledger board needs to be fastened well or the deck can collapse. Make sure they hold up the railings strongly. If the ledger board or the planks beneath your feet wobble, they can fall through and take you with them. Anytime you feel they are ageing and need replacement, replace the deck for a new one at the earliest.


  • Weak Post Connections: Posts that put pressure under the beam or rim joist are those that are looking for trouble. Tackle the task from the root of the problem. Ensure a strong foundation by connecting the two with galvanized carriage bolts instead of standard nails. To avoid a collapse, just replace the deck.

There’s no point living with fears. A new deck give you new confidence and refreshes the look of your home. Bad weather is a frequent visitor to Ontario. Keep your home safe and secure with an updated deck.

Call a professional annually to have your deck checked for safety. If it violates the regulations code, you know you need to replace it with a new one. When it’s time, get in touch with TorOnCa.

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