There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking for a fence that can contain a large dog while still being right for your yard. As bigger dog breeds tend to have a lot of energy, you need to think long and hard about installing the best fence to keep them safe. To help you out, here are five key factors to consider when shopping for fences.

Make Sure the Fence is High Enough

Some people might not want to block their gorgeous yard views with a tall fence, but it’s a price you’ll have to pay if you have a large dog. This is the most important feature for potential fence options. Big dog breeds like huskies and labradors have amazing jumping skills, making it easy for them to leap over a low-standing fence. The minimum fence height you should consider is five-feet, but it all depends on your dog’s athletic ability.

Make Sure They Can’t Climb it

Larger dogs are actually great at climbing if they have well-placed footholds. This reason alone is why chain link fences are a bad idea, as your dog can easily climb over it. The ideal choice is a wooden or vinyl fence that’s panelled, as there’s no place for your large pup to place their paws comfortable. As well, make sure there are no materials leaning against the fence that they could boost themselves onto to get over the fence.

Is Your Dog Territorial?

Even though being territorial isn’t necessarily unique to larger dogs, their size and strength make it a bigger issue than it would for a smaller one. For dogs that like to bark up a storm, your best option for privacy and fewer distractions is something made of wood or vinyl. This fence should prevent your dog from looking over it and barking at people or animals visible outside your property.

Inspect the Fence for Maintenance

Larger dogs are often quite strong, meaning that they can easily do a number on your fence, to the point of weakening it entirely and giving your dog an opportunity to escape. For wooden fences, keep it cleaned and treated annually. For vinyl and chain-link fences, while they’re stronger than wood, should be checked for wear and tear regularly.

Persuade Your Dog Not to Jump the Fence

While this might not help in choosing the fence specifically, it’s a useful tip nonetheless. It’s a common theme among dogs that they want to escape their surroundings out of boredom or excitement. However, it’s your job to make that impossible for them by giving your dog plenty of reasons to stay in the yard.

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