A popular feature for most houses, wooden fences add a warm, natural aesthetic to any landscape. As wood is an incredibly versatile material, it’s used in a wide variety of fencing designs. When well taken care of, it’ll last you for several years. To keep your wooden fence looking its best, here are seven tips to help you out.


To keep your fence well maintained, clear away all leaves and debris from the surface to prevent dirt and moisture from accumulating. A buildup of both substances can lead to mould, rot and mildew. If you have one on hand, use a power washer to clean your fence. For stubborn dirt and staining, apply white vinegar to the surface before washing it off ten minutes later.

Mildew and Mould

Even the best kept wooden fences can develop mildew and mould over time. Inspect your fence frequently to catch any growth early on, as it’s easier to deal with when there’s only a small amount. To clear away any mildew, wash your fence with water and soap before using a special mildew cleaner. Be sure to rinse the surface thoroughly to get rid of leftover residue.


To better protect your wooden fence from the elements, stain the wood right after it’s been installed. Staining will protect the wood from both wet and dry rot, keep the natural oils in the wood to prevent it from turning brittle and prevent moisture damage.


While a well-painted fence can last you for several years, it’s best to repaint your wooden fence every three to four years. Not only does this work to enhance the appearance of the fence, but it also helps to protect the wood from Mother Nature. Chipping and peeling paint are normal in certain areas, only requiring small touch-ups throughout the years. Use a paint primer before applying your chosen colour for the best results.


Once or twice a year you can reseal your wooden fence to protect it from the elements. Do this after you’ve painted or stained the wood for the most effective results.


Over time, due to weather conditions, consistent use and possible plant overgrowth, your fence may require some repairs. For the most part, loose panels can be secured using nails and fasteners, but panels that are rotting, warped or split will need to be replaced entirely.

Pest Control

Pests like termites, ants, rodents and insects can wreak havoc on your wooden fence. Whether you want to use a natural insecticide or set up a few traps, it’s in your best interest to get rid of harmful pests that are likely to damage your fence. Worst case scenario, seek out a professional pest control company to clear out any problems.

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