Factors and Advantages Of Walkout Basement Decks

Whether you’re conducting an entire home remodel or exclusively looking to update your outdoor area, a deck is an excellent way to improve and upgrade your home. Most homes may have a deck on their patio at the back of the home, however, you may see walkout basement...

Making the Right Decisions When Installing a Deck

Installing a deck requires some thought because there’s more to it than just selecting a size and design. If you’ve been thinking of getting a deck installed in your backyard this year here are a few tips that will help you make the right decisions for every aspect...

Five Of The Most Popular Fencing Types

The type of fence you choose for your home reflects your style and provides security for your home. A professionally installed is of the utmost importance, but so is the type of fence you choose. It’s going to be a key factor of your home’s curb appeal and you want it...

How to Avoid Deck Collapse and Damage in winter

Cold weather, ice and snow are all part of the winter season and unless you take the proper steps, it will cause your deck to either collapse or become damaged. This is not just a liability but will also cause guests and family members to get hurt, which is something...

Three Ways To Stop Your Deck From Becoming Slippery

You may not be spending a significant amount of time outside on your deck during the winter. However, whether you’re having guests visit your home, you’re taking the dog for a walk or taking out the garbage, many accidents can occur on a slippery deck. This is...

Three Ways to Utilize Your Deck This Winter Season

Decks receive most of their attention and use during those long summer days and nights. From hosting a barbeque, birthdays, or family dinners, the deck is a perfect spot to gather friends and family; even during the wintertime! The cold weather may have you feeling...

Three Reasons Why Winter Is A Perfect Time For Your Fence Installation

You may have to wait to open gifts under the tree, but you don’t have to wait to have that new fence you have always wanted installed! As long as your backyard isn’t frozen over, winter is the perfect time to have your dream fencing project come true. Beneficial to...

Painting Or Staining Your Deck: When and How To Apply Both

A wooden deck is a beautiful addition to your home’s exterior, but it must be maintained to stay appealing all year long. Painting or staining your deck is essential to keep its structure protected from seasonal elements, especially during the winter. Deciding between...

Four Key Tips To Protect Your Deck During The Winter

Winterizing your home can be an arduous task, but it is necessary to keep it protected and contained until spring arrives. Your backyard deck is a significant extension of your home, welcoming family and friends in for barbeques or drinks in the summertime. However,...

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