If you want to enjoy your deck to its full potential this summer, there are covered deck options you can consider so that you can use your outdoor space all season long. Covered decks serve a number of different purposes and will provide shade in hot weather and shelter while it rains. This will increase the usability of your deck or patio and will allow you to enjoy it rain or shine. In order to achieve this level of comfort in your backyard, you need to select the type of structure that will work best for your family and property, and figure out what you will use the covered space for in order to make your decision. A dining room, a play area or a gathering space are all examples of uses and you will be able to make the right choice based on this information.

Certain types of coverings work better for somedecks than others and the following are a few options you can consider:


This option is very practical and modern as well. This is a great idea for adding shade to your deck and you can choose to have a simple one made out of fabric or a more complex roof extension. You can also choose to have a permanent one or may prefer a retractable one so that you can use it as you please. Depending on which option you choose, it is best to consult a contractor or to consult an expert so that it is installed correctly.


This is a large structure that is beautiful and will provide you with shade on hot, sunny days. It will provide you with an open space on your deck that can be used for both relaxation and entertainment or shelter from the rain. You can choose to have the roof of your pergola open or covered and most people prefer the latter for protection. They can be customized to control the amount of sun passing through based on your desire.


These are becoming more and more popular on private properties and are free-standing and placed apart from the home. They tend to be more enclosed than pergolas and are generally octagonal. You can place a dining table and chairs or patio furniture to create a beautiful outdoor destination in your very own backyard.

These are three of the most popular options when it comes to covered deck options and will all provide you with an enjoyable space outdoors. Additionally, all three options will elevate the appearance of your backyard and you will be able to spend a lot more of your time outside. Your family and friends will be able to gather comfortably in your backyard to enjoy the summer season and TorOnCa can help make this a reality. We specialize in decks and help clients in the Brampton, Milton, Vaughan and Mississauga areas. We can help with both deck repair and installation, so give us a call today!