Whether you’re conducting an entire home remodel or exclusively looking to update your outdoor area, a deck is an excellent way to improve and upgrade your home. Most homes may have a deck on their patio at the back of the home, however, you may see walkout basement decks attached to homes on a slope. This can be the ideal remodel addition to a home for many reasons and it is important to consider all of the factors associated with this project.

Learn more about the main advantages of walkout basement deck designs for your home.

Benefits of Walkout Basement Decks

Most notably, a walkout basement deck design adds extra living space to your property. This extension of your home gives you more opportunities to add new bedrooms, recreational spaces or bathrooms. Any additional square footage is valuable not only for your family’s comfort but to increase your home’s resale value.

Homeowners are also attracted to the added natural light that walkout basement deck designs can provide. Where regular, underground basements have confined walls, walkout basement designs have an exposed wall, which allows for a window to be placed and allows natural light in. Natural light enhances and brightens any space significantly. This homier feeling that natural light provides is sure to win your family and friends over.

It’s important to also consider the outside lighting when planning your deck project. Keep watch on the intensity of sunlight at various hours and times of the day and note where it hits on your home. Make sure to note if any trees or foliage are blocking or shading your deck areas. These are all factors to consider as they can impact your deck design. You may want to add shading to specific areas or implement artificial lighting to the design.

Challenges of Walkout Basement Decks

Homeowners also need to consider any challenges associated with a walkout basement deck project. The added cost is often more expensive than other deck options, and you also have to consider additional building and decorating prices and even excavation. Ensuring you meet local building codes and laws are imperative. TorOnCa deck contractors can handle these regulations to ensure the deck would meet and comply with any construction codes. You should also consider the location of your home, as a walkout basement deck design may not be suitable for all landscapes. The design is often best on sloped properties with a downward slope from the backyard area to the home itself. If this is the case, consider all of your other deck options that may be more visually appealing, affordable and suitable for your property.

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