Winterizing your home can be an arduous task, but it is necessary to keep it protected and contained until spring arrives. Your backyard deck is a significant extension of your home, welcoming family and friends in for barbeques or drinks in the summertime. However, during the harsh winter season, your deck can become damaged if it’s not properly maintained and protected. Now that winter is almost ready to settle in for the season, it’s imperative to get started on protecting your deck.

Here are four ways to protect your deck during this winter to be perfect for use in the springtime.

Clean Your Deck Up

Decks can collect dust, dirt, and other debris that will naturally fall and build upon the deck in your backyard over time. Clean the deck area of mold, stains, or dirt before winter hits and remove any clutter in the area. Deck tables, chairs, barbeques, planters, and more should all be removed from the deck area prior to cleaning the surface. Sweeping the deck’s surface is vital, however, you must also scrub and clean the area to remove stains and dirt for an efficient clean. Ensure you thoroughly clean the deck, including between crevices and tight boards where moisture habitats. Leaving stains until the spring season will make them extremely difficult to remove and affect the appearance of the deck.

Defend Your Deck With Stain

A protective stain keeps your deck well maintained and safe against conditions that decks in Brampton will face this winter. Remove the original finish on your deck with a paint scraper along with a stripper compound to give you a restored surface to work with. Sealing the deck protects it against sleet, snow, hail, and rain that can damage the surface and seep through the cracks of the deck. If you decide not to protect your deck with a stain, the surface can become discoloured and warped.

Apply A Tarp Over The Deck

Regardless of your protective stain and sealant, your old deck or new deck installation can still be vulnerable to winter damage. Keep the deck’s material protected with a final tarp barrier over the entirety of the surface for the winter. This protects the deck from snow, rain, and hail as well as moisture that can seep through the cracks. Melting snow can cause the deck’s boards to warp and require deck repair.

Remove Snow From The Tarp

When snow accumulates on top of the tarp of your deck and stairs, it’s important to remove it from the area instead of allowing it to build up. Use a shovel or broom to remove the snow from the area as much as possible to keep your deck protected.

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