There are several reasons for wanting a fence installed in your backyard; from keeping the dogs and kids contained or keeping other animals and people away! The decision on the type, style and size of a fence is ultimately up to the homeowner! Picking a fence isn’t as simple and straightforward as it may seem but with the help of TorOnCa, that stress is lifted.

Prior to choosing which fence is for you, it’s essential to know details about it and the installation. Here’s our guide to understanding the four types of fences for your yard:

Modern Wood Slat Fence

Wood fences are the most popular in North America for their durability and traditional appearance. Horizontal wood slat fences add a rustic aesthetic feel to any backyard. As this type of fence completely blocks off any access into your personal space, privacy is at an all-time high. A horizontal slat fence surrounding your pool or kids outdoor play area creates a more secure dynamic and perimeter.

Picket Fence

Having a home with a picket fence outside has been seen as the ultimate sign of stability and success for decades. The picket fence conjures up images of peaceful neighbourhoods, serenity and family. The classic style is perfect for creating a barrier of safety around your property, while simultaneously boosting its curb appeal. A classic picket fence consists of thin, wooden vertical slats attached to rails with even spacing in between. It can even make a smaller home appear larger and add that classic, traditional feel that so many hold dear.

Wood Fence Railing With Aluminum Balusters

Aluminum balusters in the fence inside add a visual appeal as well as safety for your backyard. With the railing itself made of wood, you’re able to have a rustic feel with a modern update from the aluminum. Aluminum balusters also allow more light to access your patio or backyard area than a fully wood slat fence. This type of fence requires very little maintenance and is a great option for a homeowner that wants to add personality to their yard. The aluminum balusters can come in a variety of styles including traditional, colonial, architectural, estate and classic.

Glass Fence

For homeowners that desire privacy but want to maintain a sleek, transparent look, glass fences are a great choice. This type of fence stands out and allows for you as well as your guests to enjoy the beauty surrounding you. Glass fences allow you to enjoy the sun for much longer, rather than locking it out. Tempered glass fences can make it through harsh, Canadian winters because they’re made of sturdy glass. They’re also manageable, as glass fences cannot rust and can simply be cleaned with soap and water.

TorOnCa can work with you on one of our readily available fence designs, or work with you to create the fence of your dreams. Our team of professionals pride themselves on making each project aesthetically pleasing, cost-efficient and helping to maintain the homeowner’s privacy. Contact us today to get started!