Spring is almost here and with it comes the arrival of patio and deck season! That means more time spent outdoors, whether for BBQs, playing with the kids in the yard, gardening or hosting a gathering. This may have you wanting to spruce up and upgrade your backyard deck to enhance your home. Before you get started on customizing your deck to be both functional and visually appealing, you should consider what upgrades work for your style and budget.

In this article, TorOnCa breaks down the four best ways to upgrade your deck for optimal outdoor living.

1. Stain And Refresh The Wood Finish

By staining or re-staining your outdoor deck, you’re instantly giving it a fresh, new appearance you’ll love. Not only will your deck be aesthetically pleasing again, but the staining process helps protect the wood from harsh outdoor elements as well. The staining process is straightforward and relatively easy to apply. It also won’t peel and can protect and even enhance the wood grain. Ensure you maintain the wood throughout the summer to ensure its longevity.

2. Upgrade Your Deck Railings

Deck railings may not be the first part of your deck you think about upgrading. However, by having your old deck railing replaced with a new, more modern railing style, you’re instantly enhancing the deck’s overall look. Consider replacing a wooden deck rail with a modern, sleek metal baluster rail. This railing type complements a traditional wood deck well without overwhelming it. If you’re going for a more contemporary look, try switching the top of the railing with a white mallet.

3. Focus On Lighting

Enjoying time spent outside on your deck does not have to be exclusively for during the day. Nighttime deck parties and gatherings are an essential part of summer fun. Enhance the illumination on your deck to make it shine and impress guests. Consider having solar lights installed, which can be easily mounted and do not require cables. Puck lights are a great way to create a seemingly natural, soft glow around your deck.

4. Install A Gazebo Or Pergola

Pergolas and gazebos both functional and stylish to make for the perfect upgrade. Both can provide partial cover and protection from the sun. Gazebos and pergolas also provide you with additional privacy in your backyard and protect you from the strong sun. Pergolas and gazebos can also add value to your home by up to 20% due to its beauty and comfort. These are two factors potential homeowners look for when they’re browsing.

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