Fencing is ideal for privacy and security, and both homes and businesses will benefit from this aspect. Only a fence can provide you with the protection you need, and the correct type of fence will also increase the value of your property and boost your curb appeal, so you have to maintain and care for your fence correctly.
When selecting a fence, you must consider several factors, including the type of material you want, your budget, size, and property type. Commercial and residential fencing are not the same, and the following guide will highlight their differences:

1. Needs

Residential and commercial clients will have different needs as most homeowners want heightened security for their property and are also interested in improving the appearance of their homes. On the other hand, commercial clients tend to be less concerned with curb appeal and focus more on privacy and keeping intruders away from their grounds.

2. Materials

Commercial properties will need commercial-grade materials, so vinyl, for example, would have to be thicker, and spines must be included for enhanced strength. Additionally, commercial and industrial-style fences will have larger posts and heavier wall pipes. They will offer extra features like barbwire because security will be the main priority for most businesses.

3. Size

Most homes will not need a fence larger than 6 feet in height because this is the perfect size to separate their yard from their neighbours and keep nosy people away. This height will limit access to pests and people, and a 10-foot fence would be unnecessary for a residential home. Commercial properties, however, can choose a larger size in terms of height because they may need more security and protection.

4. Installation time

Commercial fences are tall and large, so they will take more time to install, whereas residential fences are smaller and shorter, so the installation time will be faster.

5. Price

Commercial fences are made of different materials, which is why commercial-grade fencing is more expensive when compared to residential projects. It’s important to note that homeowners can choose commercial grade fencing for their homes if they are looking for options with longer lifespans, so the price will depend on the material and size of the fence you want. Prioritize strength and stability when making your choice to enjoy your fence for many years to come.
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