Wooden fences are strong, but they are not indestructible. Warping, splitting and leaning issues can all occur over time, but the proper maintenance will ensure your fence lasts a long time.

If you want to extend the lifespan of your wooden fence, you need to care for it properly, and the following tips will help:

Complete Regular Inspections To Detect Any Maintenance Issues

During these inspections, you need to check for loose nails and rotting pickets because these can be replaced or hammered back. You should also look for insect damage and must make sure bushes and vines are clear of the fence, as this will eliminate any unnecessary weight while keeping moisture away. As a last step, make sure your posts are still securely placed in the ground. Inspections are very important because they will allow you to spot problems early on, and individual pickets or panels can generally be replaced as a DIY project, which is one of the many advantages wood fences provide.

Give Your Fence A Bath

This should be done once a year to ensure there is no mildew on your fence. This task must be done properly so that you don’t damage your fence, and you will have to soak the wood with a specially-formulated fence cleaner or soap and water. Use a scrub that has a long-handled brush or a pressure washer, and make sure you clean where the fence meets the ground.

Paint Or Re-seal

This should be done roughly about every three years, and you’ll know it’s time when water no longer beads up on your fence and soaks it in instead. To do this, you must clean your fence and must let it dry completely, after which you can re-stain, re-seal or paint it using a roller or brush.

Prevent Maintenance Issues

If you want your fence to last, there are certain things you can do to prevent issues and aiming sprinklers away from your fence is very important. Water from sprinklers will discolour your wood, and extra moisture may cause it to rot, so don’t water your fence. It’s also important that you keep bushes trimmed back and keep vines away because this type of additional weight will put unnecessary stress on your fence and will attract insects and moisture as well, all of which would be problematic.

These simple steps will help you care for your fence, and regular maintenance will allow your fence to last a lot longer. A wooden fence will provide your lawn with beauty, and your home will have the privacy and protection it requires.

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