Getting a beautiful front yard fence will help you frame your home, throw in a fresh coat of paint decorative finishes, and it also becomes a way to show your creativity, not just a simple boundary. If you wonder if a fence can increase your home’s value, it will depend on what materials you are using, your neighbourhood, what local buyers are interested in, and the condition you keep it in.

This can be a lot of different variables to think about. So, before you start to build your fence, you should do your research beforehand. However, we have got the basics covered here.

Curb appeal

Enhancing your curb appeal is one of the best-known ways you can help increase your home value and get the best ROI from installing a vinyl fence. Increasing your curb appeal will help you increase your home value and increase your property’s market value. A vinyl fence can help beautifully frame your property perimeter as well as give an aesthetic contrast between your home and the landscaping.

However, it’s important to think about other elements before committing to an expensive project. Will the fence alone be able to significantly improve the curb appeal of your home? Usually, there should be some landscaping involved in order to give a good first impression. The value and curb appeal of a home and how marketable it is can be reduced if the landscaping is not paired with the vinyl fence installation.


The trends found in your neighbourhood should be a big consideration when thinking about whether a vinyl fence or specific type of fencing is right for your home. The new fence installed around your property should not go against the look and feel of the neighbourhood.

For example, if you live in a neighbourhood with no fencing giving the appearance of openness and undesignated boundaries, this gives a feeling of shared space and community. In neighbourhoods like these, installing a fence could be frowned upon by others who live there as it can break up the shared landscape feel. Those looking into buying a property might view your fence as an obstruction in the way of neighbourhood trends and might not want to move into a property that is already frowned upon by the neighbours.


Sometimes, a property has a need for a fence, and the home would appear naked and exposed otherwise. One example where this might be applied is a home that is located on a through-street. If your home is located in a high-traffic area, then there is a greater need to have a fully enclosed fenced-in yard and gate. Vinyl fencing can provide you with the perfect solution, and it can definitely add to the home’s value, marketability and increase any returns on investment.