Wood has been the go-to material for outdoor decks for decades. However, it’s slowly been replaced by other, more durable and long lasting materials, including composite decking. Designed with zero-maintenance, longevity and beauty in mind, composite decking has much more to offer homeowners, and the planet, then you might think. Here are just a few reasons why composite decking is the best option for you.

It’s Durable

Unlike other common decking material, composite is resistant to colour fading due to time and ultraviolet rays, staining and scratches. Thanks to its plastic components, it’s incredibly long lasting and won’t warp or crack from moisture or extreme temperature changes. You also don’t need to worry about splinters, especially if you have kids or pets running around. Composite decking is the safest decking options for you and your family.

It’s Low-Maintenance

While composite deck planks are partially made from wood scraps, there’s no need to refinish the surface every few years. In fact, you don’t need to sand it, paint it or restain it once it’s been installed. All you need to worry about it cleaning it every one and a while with regular soap and water. With the proper care, your composite deck will look great for decades to come.

It Looks Beautiful

Composite decking is available in a wide variety of colours to best fit your outdoor aesthetics. It contains high-definition wood grain detailing with rich colours to imitate natural wood or create a unique look altogether. Colours typically range from reds to greys and earthy tones. Along with the deck, you can buy a wide selection of composite accessories that include railings, stairs, gates and more in order to truly customize your outdoor space.

It’s Sustainable

Eco-friendly and recyclable, composite decks give you the look and feel of wood without negatively impacting the environment. The decking material itself is made from recycled products, some of which includes wood scraps and recycled plastic from common household items like shopping bags and water bottles. It keeps plastic and other waste out of landfills for a healthier planet.

A Great Value

Composite materials are more affordable than wood and other decking materials, in the long haul. While it might be an expensive decking option up initially, it can actually save you money over time, as you don’t have to maintain the material or refinish it after a few years. Your composite deck is guaranteed to pay for itself in ten years or less.

Easy to Install

Installation is pretty easy when you choose composite decking. While wood decks can be a hassle to install, composite ones are quite the opposite. There’s no need to worry about going the extra mile to ensure the deck doesn’t rot away in a year or two, as composite is resistant moisture rot, decay, fungus and pest damage.

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