Are you looking for that new deck that will have your whole neighbourhood jealous? Well, we can give you ideas of the perfect design based on your tastes and aesthetic. There are many different woods and materials you can use which don’t look like any of the traditional wood decks that you would see in your friend’s or neighbour’s backyard.

Just imagine this, when late spring and summer comes rolling in, you can lift your feet up on your deck couch and drink some wine, watch movies, or watch the sunset roll in as you are in your backyard. Doesn’t that sound like every house owner’s dream? We are going to blow your mind with these new modern offbeat deck ideas. Some of these tips you can do yourself once your deck builders from TorOnCa have made all the deck repairs to replenish it to the modern look that you are looking for.

1. Add glowing globes, twinkly lights or LED powered lamps. They are a great way to open your backyard up and make it feel like you are in a wonderland at night. It makes your or your guests more comfortable on those nights where the stars and moon shine bright or those humid nights that are perfect for a movie.

2. Backyard fire pits are great for cold nights when you would still like to be outside with your guests having a glass of wine or a beer, or if you have your children’s friends over and they would light to bundle around the fire pit in the backyard to make s’mores.

3. A garden wall. If your deck is looking too dull or too plain, garden walls are the perfect way to bring vibrant colours to match the theme of your backyard and the material of your deck.

4. Adding Water fixtures are great ways to bring calming vibes to your backyard or deck, especially if you are looking to get away from inside the house or retreat from your technology/devices. You can go outside, sit on one of your deck accessories, close your eyes and listen to the slow and steady sound of water drizzling down into your pond.

These are just four of the many accessories that can be put onto your deck to make a night’s worth of fun by yourself, with friends or with family. If you are looking for deck builders, decks or deck repairs in Vaughn, Milton, Mississauga or Brampton, TorOnCa Fence can help make your dreams come true. We are experts in making your neighbours jealous of your new deck!