In the GTA, having a great backyard environment is essential in the summertime. Part of a great environment is having a great deck and the right tools! Decks are constructed out of wood as opposed to solid rock patios. A deck can be attached to a home or freestanding. Typically decks are an extension of your home used for warm summer entertaining.

Having the right features built into your deck increases the amount of use you will get out of your deck. With the right features, your deck will feel like an extension of your home’s personality for at least six to eight months out of the year!


A pergola is an outdoor structure you can add to your deck. When you first look at a pergola, you may question its purpose with separated beams instead of a fully covered roof. Rest assured the specific architecture of a pergola serves a purpose. The structure is designed to offer some shaded cover from the harsh sun without fully blocking out the warming rays. Each pergola is tailored to your backyard setup to give you the best amount of natural light.


A gazebo, like a pergola, can be attached to your outdoor deck; and it offers shade as well. The difference? Full coverage! A gazebo will offer a space in your yard that is fully shaded from the sun. This is ideal for outdoor dining and can protect from events like rain or falling leaves.

Built-in Seating

Minimize your outdoor seating expenses with features built into your deck. This is a unique feature of decks because they are constructed from wood. While surely a stone bench could be built, it wouldn’t be nearly as comfortable. By adding a bench to the side or corner of your decks, you can surely eliminate a few furniture expenses.

Now you have an idea about your deck and features, what kind of accessories do you need?


Lighting is not as important in the daytime as it is at night. Once again, an outdoor space is about bringing out the indoor entertainment space outside. If you want to get the most use out of the deck, invest in some good lighting. Lighting options will look different for each homeowner. For a trendy look in your yard, hang up some bistro lights or even soft white Christmas lights on a tree year-round.

Cooking Tools

Part of the perfect backyard environment is about having an outdoor cooking zone. Your cooking zone doesn’t need to be HGTV level to add to the ambiance; you should feel comfortable using it, though. Two of the best options you may want to consider are a great barbeque or even a pizza oven. Talk to the TorOnCa team about incorporating an outdoor kitchen space in your deck set up! We can advise you on the best as well as the safest options for you.

Fire Pit

A fire pit is the ultimate backyard deck addition. Use your fire pit as a conversation pit during the night, or even roast some marshmallows with family or friends. A good firepit can even add warmth during spring and fall nights.

The TorOnCa outdoor team can build completely new decks or transform old decks without a problem. Whether your yard needs a facelift or a total makeover, we can help! Call TorOnCa today for your free quote and ask about different features you can add to your new space.