A wooden deck is a beautiful addition to your home’s exterior, but it must be maintained to stay appealing all year long. Painting or staining your deck is essential to keep its structure protected from seasonal elements, especially during the winter. Deciding between painting or staining your deck can be difficult, especially in determining which part of the year you should apply the process. Real wooden decks require optimal maintenance to ensure the surface will be secure and ready for use when the summer arrives.

Should you paint or stain? TorOnCa breaks down the pros and cons of both applications and the proper time to apply them to help make your decision easier.

How Do I Know When To Paint Or Stain My Deck?

When spring arrives, inspect your deck completely after all of the snow and ice has melted. If you’re looking to have a deck installation in your Brampton or Mississauga yard, the spring season is also a sensible season to do so. When inspecting the deck, look for any existing coating or paint that’s peeling off or if there is any mould you can see. Is the deck’s surface worn and discoloured? It’s time for a fresh paint or stain application before the warm weather and deck season starts. If you do not have paint or stain applied promptly after detecting a worn and fading surface, the wood will deteriorate much more quickly.

What Weather Is Ideal For Painting or Staining Application?

The best time of the year for painting or staining your deck is during the late spring, after the rainy part of spring has passed. It should be much warmer during this time, but not at the intensity of mid-summer heat. Always check the weather forecast prior to any deck paint or stain application. You should allow between two to four days without any rain before the process to ensure the stain and paint are evenly dried and absorbed without interference. Paint or stain should never be applied directly under sunlight, as it hinders the colour of the application.

How Do I Prepare My Wooden Deck For Painting or Staining?

Before stain or paint application, make sure your deck is completely clean and free of any obtrusions. If the deck had been previously stained, is mouldy, chipped, or discoloured because of the paint peeling off, it’s essential to remedy this issue prior to any new paint or stain application. After cleaning off your deck, make sure that you sand it to ensure the deck is smooth and ready to get stained or painted. Always blow away or wipe the sand particles off your deck before you begin the painting or staining process. Adequate preparation and deck maintenance will help restore or improve the look of your deck and prolong its use.

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