A beautifully designed deck has many advantages. It adds aesthetic value to your home exteriors and provides extra square footage to enjoy the outdoors. It creates extra space for your family or guests to gather and grill or enjoy a drink together.

There are many options when it comes to deck materials. From natural wood to composite finish, soft walnut coloured to rich chocolate coloured finishes, you can paint or stain the area to complement your home. Line up pretty potted plants, arrange inviting patio furniture, bird feeders, add warm lights for a cozy finish and welcoming touch that never fails to appeal.

Once it’s all done up and finished, your deck will boost the value of your home more than an extra bathroom or lounge area can, so you fetch back than 70% of the investment when you sell your home. These benefits give you every reason to plan it with care.

Why Decks Should Not be a DIY Job

A well-finished deck is no DIY job. Deck accidents are common when renovations are not done professionally. Deck construction needs to adhere to building codes and practices to ensure structural safety. Standard deck constructions need to hold 40 pounds per square foot of load. If all your guests lean against the railing, it should be strong enough to hold them up. The materials need to withstand harsh weather conditions and high humidity. If you wish to install an outdoor fireplace, your deck needs to be skillfully built to address safety and functionality.

Benefits of a Professionally Built Deck

Deck installation demands high skill and experience. Professional deck builders have the skills and the tools to do the job right. A well constructed deck can last you decades.

If your source cheap materials yourself to save a few dollars, over the years this may cost you more because they may not endure frequent use or harsh weather conditions. Hiring professionals may cost you a bit more now but will end up costing you more over the years if they don’t withstand weather and frequent use, well.

Professional deckers adhere to the strict timelines in their contract, saving you time. They make sure it’s built to legal specifications, codes and house construction regulations.

TorOnCa Fence and Decks: Quick Installation and Repairs

We offer premier decking materials that are durable and designed to meet our high standards of excellence. We offer maintenance-free options and weather-resistant, long-lasting finishes to allow you to enjoy maximum time outdoors without worrying about structural support. We replace old decks, create new ones from scratch and look into municipal permits so you don’t have to. TorOnCa also offers the best warranty in the business. Call us for any deck project, big or small.