Unsure whether it’s time to repair or replace your fence? Replacing a few poles and a quick paint job is much cheaper than replacing your entire fence, but sometimes a replacement is necessary. We’re here to break down when it’s best to repair your fence and when it’s best to replace your fence.

Common Wood Fence Issues

As a natural material, wood is more prone to the elements, insects, moisture and other environmental destruction. The main signs that your wooden fence needs to be repaired is warping in the wood, discolouration and/or splintering. Be careful when inspecting your fence, as you could either cause more damage or get hurt. While you can repair the areas of your wooden fence that need it most, these are only short-term bandaids, as the unrepaired parts will eventually succumb to wear and tear. If the majority of your fence is severely warped or damaged, then you’ll need to have it replaced entirely, for the safety of you and your family.

Common Vinyl Fence Issues

Essentially maintenance free, vinyl fencing is susceptible to damage if impacted by a lot of weight. This can include a heavy snowfall, being hit by heavy debris, equipment or vehicles. The biggest issue for vinyl is cracking, and it isn’t something you can effectively repair. Instead, if you see cracks in your vinyl fence, your only choice is to replace that affected area. The design of your fence will determine how big of a section that entails.

Common Aluminum Fence Issues

A highly durable material, aluminum fencing still needs the occasional repair or replacement every now and then. Similarly to vinyl, accidents can damage a portion of your fence. As well, any shifting soil won’t damage an aluminum fence, but it’ll loosen the fence posts over time. If a post becomes loose due to soil erosion, you can steady it once more with added soil or gravel. If your fence is damaged, you can either replace the entire section of the fence or just the individual pole. However, some repairs might require the expertise of a welder. When installing replacement parts, make sure they match in colour with the rest of the aluminum fence, particularly if you aren’t planning on painting the fence afterwards.

Maintain Your Fence

To prevent or prolong the possibility of you needing to repair or replace your fence, make sure to keep it in good shape. For wooden fences, this means sealing the natural material every year or so to protect it against the elements. For vinyl and aluminum fences, the most you can do is wash it off every now and then, as well as being mindful of the tools and equipment you use around it.

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