You may not be spending a significant amount of time outside on your deck during the winter. However, whether you’re having guests visit your home, you’re taking the dog for a walk or taking out the garbage, many accidents can occur on a slippery deck. This is extremely dangerous, which is why it’s of vast importance to make consistent efforts to ensure your deck is safe and slip-free.

Winter conditions bring ice, snow and hail, which can transform your deck into a dangerous slip ‘n slide. Keep it safe this season with these three steps.

1. Keep Your Deck Clutter-Free

Ice is obviously a risk factor for driveways and the same applies to decks. Ice makes it far easier to slip and fall. Ensure you have salt placed down on the deck to keep it safe. The deck becomes slippery due to the growth of mould, moss and algae on the deck’s surface, which has both moisture and organic substances. Ensure the deck is free of leaves, dirt and plants.

2. Purchase Non-Slip Mats

If the deck’s surface is extremely slippery, investing in non-slip mats for your deck can help control and prevent risk. Place the mats down on areas you step in on the deck. You can also purchase non-slip strips in areas on the deck where people may be more prone to slipping and falling. Place these strips on the steps with an adhesive to ensure it’s sturdy or invest in screwable non-slip strips which may be more reliable.

3. Use Ice Removal Methods

Regardless of how effective and sturdy the mats are, sometimes they are not enough. You will not be able to completely keep snow off of the deck. Therefore, it’s important to apply ice and snow removal methods to minimize risk. You also need to ensure that the snow removal method you’ll be applying will not damage your deck and require you to seek repairs for it in the spring. Use the following on your deck:

  • Shovelling: Use a plastic shovel to remove snow and ice from your deck instead of a metal shovel. A metal shovel may be able to crack ice more easily, however, it can scrape and damage the deck. A plastic shovel can still remove ice and snow while maintaining your deck.
  • Ice Melt: Rock salt or calcium chlorides are both safe, effective snow and ice removal solutions for composite decks. However, this method should be avoided for wood decks as they can become damaged.

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