Decks receive most of their attention and use during those long summer days and nights. From hosting a barbeque, birthdays, or family dinners, the deck is a perfect spot to gather friends and family; even during the wintertime! The cold weather may have you feeling desperate to hibernate some days, but the holiday season is a perfect time to gather loved ones in a beautiful outdoor space to enhance the festive experience.

A deck is a valuable investment, which you deserve to enjoy all year long! Don’t miss out on endless deck potential this winter. Check out TorOnCa’s list of the three creative ways to utilize your deck this winter to impress friends and family.

Make It Warm & Cozy

Even when temperatures dip beyond the point of you wanting to be outside, adding a patio heater or fire pit on your deck can transform it into the coziest space. Family and friends will love the creativity and thought you put into forming your warm winter oasis. Whether you choose patio heaters that operate via a gas line or connect to the main home’s power, they’ll provide ample heat to warm you up late into the night. Electric patio heaters can even be wall-mounted, keeping them away from guests and producing powerful heat. For a more rustic feel, give chimineas or fire pits a try to encourage guests to huddle on the deck with warm hot chocolate in hand as you sing carols together!

Pergolas Provide Shelter

During the winter, having a pergola is sensible for shelter and design purposes. Once you have your heater installed or fire pit on the deck, pergolas will help trap that warmth onto your space and keep loved ones extra cozy. Treated wood or cedar pergolas turn your backyard into a comfortable and intimate living room that’s perfect for outdoor dinners or drinks. Emphasizing the rustic, winter feel, guests will love the pergola addition to your deck and it will make for the perfect spot to host holiday parties.

Opportunity For Winter Cookouts

Everyone loves a barbeque or deliciously cooked home-made meal and not just during the warmer seasons! If you love to entertain or just love cooking for the family, have a clay oven installed after your deck installation for an addition everyone will love. Cooking gourmet pizzas at home while the family watches the game or play cards is a perfect way to bring everyone together and enjoy those winter moments. Give barbequing a try under the pergola for hearty, warm meals that will keep guests full and content.

For all of your deck installation and deck repair needs, TorOnCa is your first-rate source for stunning ecks in Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, and Vaughan. Get creative for the winter season with customized pergola additions or call us for weather-resistant, durable deck installation. We’ll turn your dream project into a reality to take your entertaining abilities to the next level! Contact us now to learn more about our fence and deck services that you’ll be endlessly proud to show off!