Building a privacy fence not only keeps animals and prying eyes away from your home, but it also helps to create a unique oasis where you can relax and enjoy the weather. However, it’s important that the fence is installed properly, as it’s an expensive investment that you’ll want to last for decades. To help you do that, here are six tips that are sure to help you build a long-lasting fence.

Let it Set Before Painting

After you’ve successfully installed a fence, it’s necessary to let it dry out a bit before going in with a sealant, stain or paint colour. The manufacturers usually apply specific finishes and moistures to the wood, and any staining or sealants you apply aren’t likely to be absorbed into the fence.

Use Solid Hinges

If you’re building your own gate, don’t underestimate the hinge sizes you’ll need. Many people buy hinges that are too small for the gate, and it can’t handle the weight. Pressure-treated gates, which are typically very heavy, especially after it’s rained thanks to the high water absorption, will need deeper supports and heavy-duty hinges.

Don’t Overspan the Sections

Once you’ve set your posts, it’s time to bring in the sections and attach them between the posts. This will depend on the type of fence you’re installing. The sections will typically come in six to eight-foot lengths. Because this is predetermined for you, don’t set the post more than eight feet apart. If they’re too far apart then there’s a good chance that the lack of support will become highly susceptible to wind damage.

Get the Posts in Straight

The two most important parts of a fence are the sections and the posts. For optimal support, the posts should be in the ground at a minimum of two feet. Or make sure at least one-third of the post is buried. Before you do this, however, check the local codes to determine if you need to be two feet below the frost line or four.

Know Your Fence Lines Before Installation

It’s important to know where the fence is going before permanently fixing it to the ground. Before starting the installation process, have a property survey done so you know exactly where your property line is. Doing this beforehand will save you the trouble of having to rip everything out because your lines were wrong.

Build it to Last

Whether your fence was built to keep something in, to keep something out or solely for privacy purposes, you’ll want to make sure it lasts for a while. Fences can also be decorative aspects to your backyard or front yard, complementing the exterior of your home while being a clear indication of the property line. Build it with quality in mind, and you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a long time.

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