If your backyard is small, you can still have a deck and can still have a functional outdoor living space. The following tips will help make a small deck feel bigger, so make sure you keep them in mind:

Consider Built-in Seating

Outdoor furniture can be bulky and will take up a lot of space, so if your deck is small, this will be problematic. Installing benches and other kinds of seating along the edges of your deck will eliminate the need for unnecessary furniture and will open up its layout, which will make your deck feel a lot bigger than it actually is.

Consider Building Multiple Levels

If you have little space to work with and also have an awkwardly sloped yard, you may feel limited with what you can build but a deck is still possible if you consider building multiple levels. Not only would this help your deck seem bigger, it would also allow you to separate the different areas of your deck, which is ideal for households with kids because you could separate the outdoor play area from your dining area and enjoy both.

Consider Hidden Storage

It’s important to avoid clutter if you have a small deck and you can accomplish this through hidden storage options. Built-in seating with lids is a great example because you would be able to flip open the lids to place outdoor toys, outdoor cushions and seasonal décor inside. This would reduce clutter in a small space and your deck will feel bigger as a result.

Use Your Trees To Your Advantage

If you have trees and shrubbery in your backyard, design your deck strategically so that you use these elements to your advantage. Tall trees are perfect to shade a certain area of your deck, which will eliminate the need for large items like outdoor umbrellas and awnings.

Be Reasonable

Having a deck is exciting and it’s easy to get carried away but you need to work with the space you have, so be reasonable and realistic. A small space does not mean you cannot have a deck but it does mean you may not be able to get every feature you are after. Choose items that are relative to the size of your deck and don’t overdo it or overcrowd the space.

Give Your Deck A Unique Look

Unique décor pieces will make a world of difference for a small deck, so decorate it with plants and furniture that are bright, fun and practical, as these pieces will distract from the size of the space.

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