In order to make sure that your fence lasts for a long time, while looking its best, it’s essential to have proper maintenance. Through developing your own maintenance plan and staying consistent, your fence will continue to look brand new. It’s important to note that your plan should be made based on the type of climate you live in and the fence’s location in your yard. Below is a general maintenance plan that is definitely worth following.

General Wood Fence Maintenance Plan

Initial Maintenance

If your fence is brand new, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to perform any type of maintenance. First, clean your fence with a cleaner or brightener containing a mildewcide. Once that is done, apply a protective finish. You should choose one from the three following options: stain, paint or waterproofing sealer.

First Year Maintenance

After one year has passed since your initial maintenance, apply a cleaner or brightener again. Next, reapply the finish that’s to your liking to keep your fence looking fresh.

Future Periodic Preventative Maintenance

Make an effort to reapply cleaner or brightener and a protective finish to your fence every two years. You might choose to shorten or lengthen this time period, depending on where your fence is located. However, if you end up waiting for more than two years, you should first spray your fence with a power washer to remove any traces of built-up grime.

Solution for Gray and Weathered Fence

If you moved into a house that already has a poorly maintained fence or if your fence has become gray and weathered, there is no need to worry! In most cases, the discoloration has occurred only on the surface and can still be fully restored. The first step that you should take is to give your fence a deep clean by using a power washer. Follow that up by cleaning it again with a cleaner or brightener that has a mildewcide, and a stiff bristle brush, before rinsing with water. Wait for the wood to dry before applying a protective finish. This will give your fence that fresh look – fooling your neighbors into thinking that it’s completely new! Don’t forget to continue doing preventative maintenance every two years.

Now that you know how to improve the overall look and condition of your fence, it’s time that you give it some love and care!