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The main purpose of a residential fence to provide privacy to you and your family. With that being said, your fence doesn’t have to look basic. At TorOnCa Fence & Decks, our creative and experienced fence contractors have a wide range of equipment and materials they use to build elegant, unique, and secure fences. No matter what your budget is or how you want your fence to look, our builders will work with you during the entire project to ensure you are satisfied with the end result.

The TorOnCa Advantage

When you choose TorOnCa as your fence building professionals, you are choosing a high-quality team that prides themselves on working hard to construct every single project perfectly. Our team is also versatile; we offer stock fences that follow an already created design, or we can work with you to create a blueprint for a unique looking fence.

If you love spending time outside during a beautiful day, whether to BBQ or soak up some sun, being surrounded by your TorOnCa built fence will enhance your experience! We make sure that your fence is aesthetically pleasing, which is why we provide different colour and design choices to compliment your backyard garden and lawn.

Fences can be a time-consuming project to take on, especially for a new subdivision, since you usually share them with your neighbours. Our team would be more than happy to consult your neighbours for you and obtain the necessary permits for your fence installation or renovation.

We have a wide selection of colours in pressure treated wood, cedar, as well as wood railings and pickets. Our 6x6 posts offer extra durability, and with a 4-feet minimum depth for posts, you can feel assured that your fence is sturdy. As always, the replacement or tearing down of your old fence is included with your services.

Woodbridge Fence Building Contractors

If you are in or near the Woodbridge area and looking to build a new fence for your residential property, get in contact with TorOnCa today! Come by our office in person to see samples of the fencing materials we will use to build your dream fence. Call us today to discuss the type of fence you are looking to build, the design you would like to see, and your ballpark budget so we can get a head start on the design and building process.

A fence is not only a way to outline the perimeter of your property. A high-quality fence built by TorOnCa Fence & Decks gives you better security, a more private backyard, and increases the value of your home. As a bonus, if you have pets that love to run around your backyard, our fences can be built to cater to your pet control needs so you will never have to worry about them wandering out of your yard.


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